Welcome to Singalarity

We make smart, secure, and perfectly designed solutions for business

We have industrial and R&D expertise and access to international expertise, along with military-grade technologies to ensure clients’ digital assets and operations are safe, reliable, and predictable.

Our deep R&D capability helps SEA-based firms reduce R&D expenditure while leveraging on our expertise to shorten the time-to-market cycle tour innovative products, improve productivity and become a technology capability-multiplier to our clients’ in-house teams.

HOW Can We help ?


Authenticating financial transactions and legal documents, leveraging on mobile device and empowered by best-of-breed auth server.​


Total defense at all levels from data to source code bringing the peace of mind for both service providers and users, compliant with cyber security and data protection regulations.


Identifying and verifying users by their unique biometrics and physical possessions for onboarding and service access.

Singalarity - Expert Team

Our core team comprises of experts with multidisciplinary expertise and experience. The core team, half of whom have advanced PhD qualifications, will lead the R&D function and orchestrate the development of solutions and services to resolve clients’ pain points, especially in the areas of Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Banking and Identity, and Contract R&D Services. Our team’s Innovation DNA has created and owned proprietary and copyrighted solutions in Forensic Security Operations Center, AI for Security, and AI for Business Analytics. Those IPs are being part of Singalarity’s commercial products.
A team of software specialists and engineers with proven experience and know-how through the successful delivery of government and enterprise projects will manage and support project end-to-end from development, implementation, and deployment of tools and processes.