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Digital Identity (DI)

Smart, secure and convenient identity solution

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    Revolutionary Solution

    Due to the increasing fraud sophistication, companies are exposed to the greater challenge not only in national but also in international level. Securing customers’ accounts with password only is no longer enough. Companies, who fail to protect customers’ information, is in danger of damaging its reputation when data breach occurs. To protect sensitive data, many countries are putting into effect stricter regulations regarding their cybersecurity regulation framework (e.g. users’ banking data).

    Digital Identity by Digibank provides a better way to verify and authenticate users’ information. Thus, we ensure greater efficiency, security, and trust against cyber threats in a wide variety of settings:
    1. Login processes.
    2. Accessing operation systems of small-medium businesses.
    3. Authentication steps for banking payment transactions thresholds.

    Advanced facial recognition

    Digital Identity by Digibank identifies three factors to enhance the verification and authentication process of users’ identity.

    What you know

    Your cognitive information (e.g. passwords, usernames, PINs or answers to secret questions)

    What you have

    Items that you possess (e.g. ID badges, cryptographic keys, security tokens, etc.)

    Who you are

    Your physiological and behavioral attributes (e.g. a biometric recognition system: fingerprint, iris, face map, etc.)

    Depending on characteristics of your business or kind of service you are providing, there are two digital identity methods that you can choose:

    One-factor authentication (1FA)

    Security process to give users accession a system through only one category of credentials. The typical approach of 1FA is password-based authentication, and it now is more secure when a single factor identifier can be one-time password (OTP - SMS OTP, Software OTP, Hardware OTP) or biometrics. 1FA is an economical solution for a relatively low risk system and most verification today still uses this type of authentication method.

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    Two-factor authentication (2FA)

    With more factors employed, the authentication system becomes more robust. By adding one more layer in the authentication process, it will meet the high security requirements. In high risk fields such as finance, government or military, 2FA is usually required by the government.

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    According to cyber security regulations for the banking sector across many countries, it is recommended or even required for many authentication processes to use 2FA for better protection of user accounts.

    Three-tier data protection

    Digital Identity by Digibank is protected by three layers to significantly increase the verification and authentication process. Employing three-tier data protection, Digital Identity complies with the strictest international standards of security.

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    Tailored to the needs of your business 
    We develop and deploy most types of authentication factors to meet your business needs in different circumstances and requirements. You can make an informed decision to select one of the authentications for 1FA or integrate it with knowledge factor (ID and password) for 2FA to enhance security, if required.

    1. SMS OTP: OTP code is sent to user's registered phone number.
    2. Digital OTP (Software OTP): OTP code is generated by a mobile app.
    3. Hardware OTP: OTP code is generated by a physical device.
    4. Biometric: server authenticates users by biological traits such as fingerprint, iris, face, voice, etc.
    Besides, our experts will provide you with the assurance of advanced protection, keeping your business safe so you can be focused on growing your business.

    Combination of UX and Security

    Cyber security is never an opposite of user experience. In Digibank, we ensure not only the excellent security system but also the easy and seamless user experience.

    1. User-friendly and intuitive interface.
    2. Customization upon your business needs.
    3. Interoperability: easily deployed and integrated with all your existing operating systems.

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