System Integration & Technology Consulting Services

Forensic security Operations Center

Dual-SIEM approach with a distributed structure that accelerate the security detection and protection of assets on cloud and on premise

Smart Operations Software

Great technology-meets-design product which is fine-tuned for Retailer, Manufacturer, Distributor business. Our modules are designed and cater for managing day-to-day business such as HR, PAYROLL, CRM, FIN/ACCOUNTING, PRODUCTS & SERVICE MANAGEMENT

Authentication Solutions for Digital Banking and Digital Identity

Through our top-tier partners, we provide and integrate smart soft-token solutions for banking and government, integrate with features such as 2FA, MFA, biometric for on-boarding, eKYC, seamless and dynamic OTP, authentication and transaction signing with PKI or OTP. Token will be stored securely on mobile device.

Software Technology Development & Deployment

Experienced know-how on hybrid mobile development, backend web services for multi-million transactions per hrs, software development projects and systems required high security specification, integrated with AI and Specialised Cybersecurity tools and technology

Web scalability technology

Our copyrighted, proprietary software solutions with proven scalability of web application and backend demonstrated by stringent load tests and production deployments for our clients

Cyber Security Assessment

Visibility of quantified cyber risk to be used as input to enterprise risk management or to be considered for cyber-insurance or cyber-reinsurance

Security Intelligence Center

We provides SIC system and service to public sectors through partnering with qualified defence contractors and through Govt-to-Govt agreement on intelligence sharing. SIC will provide the required intelligence beyond traditional cybersecurity threat intelligence.

Contract R&D

Technology assessment, Technology qualification, and Technology development for TRL >=5