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  • Case Name: Turnsteel Authentication Server
  • Country: Vietnam
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Turnsteel AS/TMS is a multi-factor authentication solution based on 3 specific factors: What you know - What you have - Who you are, reduces the risk of unauthorized access to the enterprise system. Turnsteel AS/TMS also provides non-phishing or spoofing biometric authentication services to enhance security and access authentication for customers or employees.


Industry Standard Authentication

Turnsteel supports industry standard 2FA Hardware Tokens, Software Tokens, and SMS OTP.

Ease of Integration

Turnsteel works seamlessly with an array of applications. A suite of APIs is available to support different programming languages and integration with existing enterprise IT systems.

Simplify Management and Report Generation

Turnsteel simplifies administration through a user-friendly management dashboard and transaction report generator.

Management of Security Levels

Support different authentication methods (simple OTP, Challenge Response, or Transaction Signing) to tune system usability and security requirements based on sensitively of transactions.